Augerson Art Conservation Services

Our Associates

Our associates can assist in the conservation of a wide variety of artwork, historic artifacts and architectural interiors.

Christopher Augerson
Chief Conservator and Owner, Augerson Art Conservation Services, with over 30 years of experience in the conservation of art, historic objects, and architectural interiors

Our Associates in the USA

Deborah Bigelow
Conservator of wooden artifacts and decorative surfaces (including architectural finishes). Consultant on writing government grants.

Claire Antonetti
Conservator of art on paper, books, archival materials and wallpaper. Conservation lab designer. Fundraiser for conservation projects.

Barbara Wojcik
Conservator of paintings and murals, painter

Our Associates in the UK

Dr. Clare Finn
Conservator of paintings and murals

David Franks
Health and safety expert for conservation projects, Consultant for the conservation of objects (including large vehicles and other projects requiring scaffolding), scale model maker

Christina Siegert
Conservator of objects and technological artifacts (including historic clocks)

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