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David Franks

Experience in the remedial and preventative restoration-conservation of large objects of industrial heritage (Glasgow’s Museum of Transport); experience as a Health and Safety coordinator for conservation work (Glasgow’s Museum of Transport and the engineering industry), including work with scaffolds; experience in designing museum displays and in the moving and transport of objects.

  • Consultant for certain aspects of the restoration of historic objects, in particular for large vehicles such as trains and trams (previously, Conservator of large vehicles for Glasgow’s Museum of Transport).
  • Experience in the preventive conservation of industrial heritage (Glasgow’s Museum of Transport).
  • Expertise in moving museum objects (handling, lifting, and transport), including the use of powered lifting equipment for large and/or heavy objects (UK certified for slinging and mechanical lifting, forklift truck use and training).
  • Experience as a Health and Safety programmer and monitor, for the conservation of the Glasgow Museum of Transport’s large vehicles (trains and trams), and for heavy industry (overseeing work such as that for the Motherwell Bridge engineering site).
  • Certification in the use of scaffolding and ladders, and certified instructor in their use and training.
  • Expertise in replicating, turning or casting missing parts for artefacts.
  • Experience in designing and producing mounts for objects, including industrial heritage and sculpture, as well as in the building of quality display cases.
  • Skills as a technical draughtsman.
  • As the Owner of Lanarkshire Models & Supplies, experience in the manufacture of scale models of trains and other vehicles. Skill in producing their bespoke components, and in researching and reproducing their correct livery, insignia, paint colours etc., using a combination of airbrush and paintbrush techniques.
  • Consultant and lecturer/demonstrator on the safe use of hand tools, electrical wiring of displays, construction techniques and model making techniques.
  • Author of magazine articles describing construction techniques.
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