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Our conservation of sculpted and painted interior decoration includes work for Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church in Ayr (UK) and Saint Luke's Catholic Church in Belleville, Illinois. We also assisted Claire Antonetti Conservation in treating a Roy Boynton polychrome mural painting in the Littlefield Concert Hall of Mills College.

Christopher Augerson received training in the conservation of decorative architectural paints during his 1996-1997 fellowship at Belgium's Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage. Working under conservators of the institute, he assisted in determining decorative paint schemes of architectural interiors at sites including the Brussels City Hall, the Galerie St. Hubert in Brussels, and the Sun Temple on the grounds of the Belgian Royal Palace at Laeken.

He has since taken the West Dean College course on the conservation of plaster and stucco, and the French National Heritage Institute (INP) course on the interaction between mural paintings and the stability of the walls on which they have been painted.

Since 2008, Mr. Augerson has been Certificated as a Surveyor of Remedial Treatment for damp and decay of buildings, by the Institute of Wood Preserving and Damp Proofing of the United Kingdom.

Working with our associates Deborah Bigelow, Claire Antonetti, Barbara Wojcik and Clare Finn, Augerson Art Conservation can provide a wide range of services for the conservation of interior decoration.

Photos: Sun Temple at Laeken (Antoine Plateau, 1784); City Council Room, Brussels City Hall (18th C.); Bedroom, Robert Burns Birthplace, Alloway, Scotland (William Bur-ness, 1757); Reredos, Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Ayr, Scotland (Nathaniel Hitch, c. 1899).

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