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Collection Surveys

Augerson Art Conservation Services conducts collection surveys of various historic artifacts and decorative art objects. Previous surveys have included horse-drawn vehicles (the Palace of Versailles, the Museum of Transport in Glasgow), furniture and historic artifacts (the John Kane House, George Washington's military headquarters in 1778), and ethnographic artifacts (The Jack London Museum, California State Parks).

In addition to detailed condition reports for the objects in a collection, Augerson Art Conservation Services surveys provide treatment recommendations and offer advice regarding their preventive conservation through proper maintenance of the artifacts (if necessary), proper environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, light levels), museum mounts, seismic stabilization of artifacts, etc.

Photos: Detection of unsafe light levels for a museum case, mold on embroidered vest, and insect damage to a 19th c. shoe (various museums); Condition survey of vehicles, Versailles Palace: Funeral coach of Louis XVIII (1824), Baptismal coach of the Duke of Bordeaux, with detail (1821); Condition Survey of Wooden Vehicles, Museum of Transport, Glasgow: Gig (19th C.), Muir's Baker's van from Rothesay (c. 1910), Hearse (c. 1890); Condition surveys of Robert Burns Birthplace Museum bedroom furnishings, with the bed in which the poet was born (in 1758).

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