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Decorative Arts and Furniture

From American chairs and candlesticks, to Asian lacquered screens and ivories, Augerson Art Conservation Services conserves a wide range of decorative arts.

In addition to employing traditional techniques for furniture restoration, Augerson Art Conservation Services has developed new techniques for wood repair that are sometimes safer for highly valued pieces.

To clean the sensitive surfaces of artifacts, special conservation techniques have been developed. The following publications indicate some of such techniques:

Harpainter and Augerson, "The Painted, Wooden Furniture and Decorative Arts of Lucia and Arthur Mathews, San Francisco 1906-1920" in Painted Wood: History and Conservation, V. Dorge and C. Howlett, eds. Malibu, CA: The Getty Conservation Institute, 1997, p. 268-275.

Photos: PT Barnum's Vermeil Samovar and Tea Pot (Barnum Museum); Table by Julius Dessoir for PT Barnum's Iranistan mansion (1848, Barnum Museum); Connecticut Clock (c. 1820, private collection); Table by Potier & Stymus for Nathaniel Wheeler's Bridgeport Mansion (c. 1867, Barnum Museum).

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