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Deborah Bigelow

Over 30 years' experience as an art conservator, artisan and conservation administrator of  site-specific art production, historic building renovation, and antiques conservation.

  • Expertise in restoring, designing and creating fine finishes for art and architecture
  • Antiques restoration of painted, gilded and varnished furniture, frames, decorative arts and sculpture for worldwide collectors, dealers and institutions including Monticello, the United States Department of State, the Art Institute of Chicago, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the Brooklyn Museum.
  • Renovation of historic building interiors and exteriors including floors, interior plaster, windows, doors, brickwork, metal hardware, galvanized cornice and wood and metal finishes, and the project management of related work done under a New York State Grant.
  • Co-design and production of prototypes for gilded works of art and art products on wood, glass, Plexiglas ®, canvas, leather, and paper
  • On-site creation of artwork and the decorative surfaces of interior decoration for corporations including Water De Maria Enterprises and architects for Tiffany’s, Neiman Marcus, Marriott, and Shinsegae Department Store (Seoul, Korea).
  • Skilled trainer of artisans for all project sizes, from small to large scale
  • Lectured at the Conservation Analytical Laboratory of the Smithsonian Museum, the Canadian Institute for Conservation, the Campbell Center for conservation training and the Winterthur/University of Delaware Art Conservation Program
  • Developed, organized and chaired an international symposium on gilding techniques and gilding conservation, held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1988
  • Edited the book Gilded Wood:Conservation and History for the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), having manuscripts from renowned international experts (Sound View Press, 1991) Click here to see reviews
  • M.A. Furniture Production and Design, London College of Furniture, England, 1982
  • Proven record for enhancing clients' visual and financial investments
  • Known for quality results, discretion, and working within budgets and deadlines


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