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Chris Augerson is now back from the Isle of Bute, off the West Coast of Scotland, where he conserved a large Russian icon with it's decorative silver riza, as well as two silver reliquary sculptures (of Saints Margaret and Andrew), from the collection of the Seventh Marquess of Bute at Mount Stuart. Please see our the following video for more information,

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Augerson Art Conservation Services, founded in 1992 and based in New York State, provides specialist care for historic artifacts and works of art in world-class museums and private collections. In 2006, Augerson Art Conservation Services UK was established in Scotland to provide the same services for our clients in the European Union.

Photo collage: The Leopard sleigh (Versailles Palace); Details of Reredos with Enthroned Virgin and Child (Nathaniel Hitch, Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Ayr); Reclining Buddha and Native American sculptures (Barnum Museum, Bridgeport, CT); Cupid and Psyche (Chauncey Ives, Barnum Museum); Handle from P.T. Barnum's vermeil coffee creamer (Barnum Museum); Hand of Pandora (Chauncey Ives, Barnum Museum).

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